Use vulnerability and risk assessment analyses and tools to designate Adaptation Action Areas (AAAs) or similar designation, and identify priorities for resilience investments.


ST-3.1 Conduct vulnerability and risk assessments in accordance with Section 380.093, Florida Statutes to identify areas requiring adaptation strategy development.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, regional planning councils, academic institutions

ST-3.2 Use local government authority to designate or otherwise recognize AAAs or similar designation to identify areas deemed most vulnerable to sea level rise and other climate change impacts (including, but not limited to, extreme high tides, heavy local rain events, and storm surge), and prioritize funding and adaptation planning. Such areas may include:

  • Areas below, at, or near mean higher high water
  • Areas with a hydrological connection to coastal waters
  • Areas designated as evacuation zones for storm surge
  • Other areas impacted by climate-related drainage and/or flood control issues

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments

ST-3.3 Document, inventory and share data sources, thresholds, criteria and models to encourage the use of common approaches to vulnerability and risk assessments and, ultimately, the development and implementation of adaptation strategies that will be complementary across jurisdictions and infrastructure types and result in a cohesive, resilient built and natural environment.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, regional agencies, regional planning councils