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Advancing Resilience Solutions Through Regional Action
























































































About the Compact

The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact is a decade-old partnership between Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties, to work collaboratively to reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions, implement adaptation strategies, and build climate resilience within their own communities and across the Southeast Florida region.


“Five years ago, local leaders down here, Republicans and Democrats, formed the bipartisan Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact — an agreement to work together to fight climate change. And it’s become a model not just for the country, but for the world.”

– President Barack Obama

Compact News and Events

Florida Office of Energy Releases Energy Equity Study

Florida’s Office of Energy has released the first statewide energy equity study to review the systemic inequalities, barriers, and limited access to public and private resources programs for LMI households. The study examines the demography and geography of low-to-moderate income populations and how their energy burdens intersect with environmental justice, energy efficiency programs, and transportation-related

The Inflation Reduction Act to Propel Affordable Clean Energy and Resilience in Florida

The Inflation Reduction Act has been lauded as the most ambitious climate legislation in U.S. history, securing $369B in energy and climate spending and placing the nation on a path to roughly 40% emissions reduction by 2030. Learn more about how the Inflation Reduction Act will significantly advance affordable clean energy and resilience objectives in

South Florida is getting hotter. But planners say there’s a data gap in finding solutions

By Jenny Staletovich November 10, 2021 at 5:07pm EST The United Nations conference on climate change in Glasgow is wrapping up this week. About 200 countries have been trying to hammer out a deal to curb carbon emissions and slow the planet’s warming. If they fail, it won’t just be sea rise threatening South Florida.

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