Create pre-disaster plans for post-disaster recovery.


RR-10.1 Create a pre-disaster plan that includes neighborhoods, businesses and government for accelerated recovery and resilience. These strategic plans should cover critical infrastructure systems, land use, housing, economic development and public health and should explicitly be developed with engagement from staff across various local government functions.


RR-10.2 Ensure that post-disaster redevelopment plans prioritize resilience and equity objectives. Consider using pre-disaster recovery plans to deliver relocation strategies for vulnerable locations.


RR-10.3 Expand pre-disaster planning to deepen engagement with the business community, economic development organizations and frontline communities.

IMPLEMENTERS: counties, private sector, health care sector, electric utilities

RR-10.4 Develop an Asset Management Plan to determine and inventory pre-disaster conditions of critical infrastructure in order to expedite disaster assessments and the reimbursement process for disaster funding.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments