Integrate climate risks into hazard mitigation planning, emergency planning, evacuation training and exercises.


RR-2.1 Identify all climate-related hazards, including but not limited to storm surge, flooding and extreme heat that could require evacuation, or could further exacerbate other types of hazards addressed in comprehensive emergency response plans.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments

RR-2.2 Develop climate risk scenarios that require evacuation planning by partnering with the community to identify local factors, including geographic and social aspects of vulnerability.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, community-based organizations

RR-2.3 Integrate climate vulnerability analyses into local mitigation strategies, hazard mitigation plans, post-disaster redevelopment plans, threat and hazard identification and risk assessment tools.


RR-2.4 Broaden the scope, impact of projects and participation in the development of hazard mitigation plans with a focus on climate risk.