Implement heat mitigation and management strategies that reduce extreme heat exposure and prioritize interventions in areas most vulnerable to heat and among populations least able to manage heat risks.


PH-3.1 Increase the use of urban tree canopy in addition to other green infrastructure within the urban environment to reduce extreme heat and provide shade. Local governments should engage local communities to avoid unintended consequences of potential tree plantings.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, community-based organizations


PH-3.2 Assess current public and private emergency utility assistance funds and supplement funds as needed to reduce the risk of indoor heat exposure. Promote and expand programs that reduce long-term need, such as weatherization assistance.

IMPLEMENTERS: community action agencies


PH-3.3 Require reflective paving and roofing materials, increased vegetation on and around buildings and building practices that promote passive cooling to reduce the urban heat island effect.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments

STATE/FEDERAL PARTNERS: Florida Building Commission

PH-3.4 Adopt policies like frequent breaks and increased water access that protect people who work and play outdoors from extreme heat, especially when compounded with high humidity. Local governments should lead by example through consideration of workplace heat standards and protocols.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, private employers, school districts, organized sports leagues


PH-3.5 Conduct a county/citywide heat vulnerability analysis with an emphasis on identifying the populations most vulnerable to heat illnesses.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments

PH-3.6 Revise existing Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans to include an annex on health impacts from a changing climate and ensure it integrates considerations for compounding events that exacerbate extreme heat like power outages. These considerations should also include plans for energy redundancies like backup power for critical areas and facilities.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments

PH-3.7 Ensure awareness regarding availability of, and access to, public cooling centers.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments