Understand and communicate public health risks associated with climate change.


PH-1.1 Develop and disseminate communications material about the human health risks of climate change, including increased risks for heat illness and pathogenic diseases, vector-borne diseases and floodwater pathogens. Ensure communication materials and methods (traditional and social media) are accessible to a wide range of audiences utilizing age-appropriate, culturally appropriate and accessible language.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, professional/trade associations, health care sector, academic institutions, school districts


PH-1.2 Determine and identify the populations most at risk of increased exposure to indoor heat, mold and mildew and respiratory illnesses by identifying households that are energy insecure, and by working with community-based organizations, academic institutions and other relevant partners.

IMPLEMENTERS: community-based organizations, community action agencies, academic institutions