Serve as a model for national climate resilience.


ER-8.1 Establish Southeast Florida as the epicenter of climate resilience by recruiting, attracting and developing economic opportunities supported by service providers, new climate technology, and innovative and expansive financing to further a low-carbon economy, a resilient future and related sectors. Such a model advances holistic regional resilience strategies that promote widely integrated, accessible, and affordable clean energy and other low-carbon solutions; resilient community design and infrastructure improvements; and local economic development.

IMPLEMENTERS: economic development organizations, private sector, counties

ER-8.2 Serve as an international mecca for climate resilience and innovation by engaging globally to foster new partnerships, finance strategies, materials, technologies and design solutions.

IMPLEMENTERS: economic development organizations, private sector, counties

ER-8.3 Incentivize and solicit enhancements and upgrades to current infrastructure as well as deployment of new systems and technology demonstrations as part of pilot projects, especially those providing environmental enhancements, or modeling net zero and other closed-loop systems.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, private sector