Identify diverse funding, financing institutions and strategies that facilitate equitable resilience investments.


ER-6.1 Identify, pursue and establish funding strategies, including foreign and green investments, needed at the regional and local scale to ensure organized and timely investments that support the rapid transition to a low-carbon economy. Implement infrastructure improvements that safeguard the public, the region’s diverse communities and shared economies in the face of sea level rise and other climate impacts.

IMPLEMENTERS: counties, economic development organizations, private sector

ER-6.2 Expand economic analyses in partnership with academic institutions, private sector and non-profit organizations to quantify and value the impact of resilience investments, including adaptation and transformations supporting a low-carbon future.

IMPLEMENTERS: counties, private sector, academic institutions, non-profit organizations

ER-6.3 Ensure funding strategies are all-inclusive and equally account for the needs of under-resourced communities to deliver an equitable distribution of infrastructure investments across the region.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments

ER-6.4 Ensure investment in small, locally-owned businesses when employing emergency services funding.

IMPLEMENTERS: counties, private sector, economic development organizations

ER-6.5 Engage financial institutions to bolster investments in climate resilience and adaptation, prioritizing under-resourced communities.