Integrate climate resilience and economic development at the regional level.


ER-4.1 Coordinate with the South Florida and Treasure Coast regional planning councils in the development of the region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) to increase focus on regional climate resilience and priority adaptation needs. The CEDS, developed by the councils with input and direction from regional stakeholders, are prepared for the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration to guide regional economic activity and attract critical investment to the seven-county Southeast Florida region.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, regional planning councils, regional transportation agencies,

economic development organizations, academic institutions

ER-4.2 Create a regional economic development plan focused on economic resilience and organized investment in regionally significant assets and economic clusters, inclusive of small business economic sustainability, diversifying the economy and equitable futures.

IMPLEMENTERS: regional planning councils, counties, economic development organizations

ER-4.3 Work with key economic and industry clusters to develop job training programs for green jobs and those focused on emerging industries in the climate solutions arena. Partner with academic institutions to support the identification, research and development of emerging industries for the future, potentially through the creation of a ‘National Center for Climate Resilience’ in Southeast Florida.

IMPLEMENTERS: private sector, economic development organizations, academic institutions