Utilize distributed renewable energy technologies for emergency management and disaster recovery, including vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies.


EN-6.1 Partner with stakeholders to pilot distributed solar + distributed storage (such as V2G) energy systems at hurricane shelters, buildings that house frontline populations (e.g. nursing homes), or government operations centers for disaster recovery and emergency management.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, electric utilities, private sector, school districts

EN-6.2 Support and advocate for the development of energy security models for solar + storage during disaster recovery, prioritizing frontline communities.

IMPLEMENTERS local governments, non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, electric utilities, private sector, academic institutions

EN-6.3 Prioritize renewable energy and distributed storage (such as V2G) within emergency management plans that ensure continual energy access during emergencies and disaster recovery.

IMPLEMENTERS: local governments, regional planning councils