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Public Outreach and Engagement

GOAL: Build public awareness of the climate-related risks facing Southeast Florida and the opportunities for early, coordinated action to address these risks.

Climate change is already affecting Southeast Florida’s communities, and the best available science indicates these impacts will likely continue to accrue. In order to protect property, health, and the regional economy, local governments across the region are taking action, and are engaging their residents in ongoing conversations about these actions. By working with residents to identify hazards and vulnerabilities, set priorities for needed infrastructure improvements, and design projects that will change the texture of neighborhoods, local governments can ensure they are meeting their public trust responsibilities in ways that align with the values of residents for the places where they live, work, and play.

The following recommendations outline several outreach and engagement strategies that local governments can use to responsibly inform all of their residents of the challenges that exist within their communities, better understand the diverse perspectives of residents, and devise public policy responses that incorporate solutions to fully meet community needs for all.

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Assess community needs to guide local government communications.
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Promote public awareness and understanding of climate impacts, as well as the personal actions and public policy options available to respond to climate change.
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Inspire community action to address the causes and impacts of climate change.
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Create regional open data platforms and digital tools.
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Create culturally- and linguistically-appropriate information gathering tools and strategies to help inform decision-makers of the priorities and concerns in communities.
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