WLRN: South Florida Democrats Look To Get Beyond Partisan Climate Politics in Tallahassee

December 3, 2015

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The story that Gov. Rick Scott’s administration had banned the term “climate change” from state documents fueled national ridicule and environmentalist ire.

But ridiculing Republicans is no way to bring them on board to address the impacts of climate change, says one of South Florida’s elected leaders.

“It’s great fodder for late-night comedy shows to talk about Flori-duh, D-U-H, that we can’t talk about climate change,” said  state Rep. Kristin Jacobs, a Broward Democrat. “But the truth is, the state agencies are all doing some amazing work.”

Jacobs, who spent 16 years as a Broward County commissioner, helped found the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact. She said even though she had worked in Tallahassee as a local official, she was still taken aback by the partisan atmosphere when she joined the state House last year.