The unlikely group of Republicans who are preparing Florida for climate change

March 31, 2015

Source: The Washington Post

But what’s happening in Southeast Florida belies this picture entirely. If anything, as the nation shifts more and more toward living in a changed world – in Florida’s case, one in which rising seas are already beginning to erode beaches, flood neighborhoods, spoil underground water supplies and expose new areas further inland to storm surges — Southeast Florida is a model for how to deal with a problem that is neither going away nor getting less politically contentious.

Asseff is just one indicator of the get-it-done attitude. Far more sweeping is the 2010 agreement by the four counties of Southeast Florida – Miami-Dade, Broward (which includes Hollywood), Palm Beach, and Monroe – to form the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, an agreement that they would together to pursue climate change adaptation measures, as well as federal recognition of their plight.

Two years after its founding, the compact released an action plan containing 110 recommended steps for cities and counties, ranging from cutting emissions and facilitating the deployment of clean energy to identifying areas which needed special attention due to constant flooding or proximity to rising seas.

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