The Compact remembers Rep. Kristin Jacobs

May 16, 2020

The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact family lost one of our greatest friends and champions on April 11: The Honorable Kristin Jacobs, State Representative and former Broward County Commissioner.

Her death, at age 60, was a huge loss not only to her family and friends, but also the people of our region and the entire state of Florida. Rep. Jacobs was a model public servant who began her career as an “everywoman” neighborhood leader and used her life experience to fight for progress for many important causes, including victims of domestic violence, a living wage, and environmental protection.

To the staff, elected officials, constituents, and stakeholders involved with the Compact, Rep. Jacobs was the visionary leader who first conceived of the idea of a four-county regional alliance to combat climate change and who worked tirelessly as a Broward County Commissioner and State Representative to make it an effective force for climate action in our region, state, and country.

To honor her, we put together a very special edition of our newsletter, Compact Currents. You can few it here.