Council members adopt a climate change amendment

December 12, 2014

Miami Herald | December 12, 2014

In keeping with its ongoing efforts to to go green and plan for rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns, the Pinecrest Village Council voted unanimously to adopt a climate change element into its comprehensive development master plan last week.

The climate change element, in the works for months, includes data on rising sea levels in South Florida and where they are expected to impact flooding in the village as well as recommendations for action.

The climate change CDMP amendment approved Dec. 9 cites data presented in a Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Counties report from 2012 — which projects sea levels rising between 9 and 24 inches in the next 45 years. The report concludes that while Pinecrest should remain dry during normal conditions, it should expect markedly worse flooding in certain low-lying areas of the village during major storms.