Compact Climate Assessment Tool Results Now Available

March 29, 2022

Last summer, the Compact invited the 111 local and tribal governments in the region to respond to a voluntary annual survey in order to inform a baseline understanding of regional progress toward the 11 climate mitigation and adaptation priorities identified in the Compact Climate Assessment Tool (C-CAT), and how equity was embedded for each priority action. The tool is intended to help identify, track and report on priority mitigation and adaptation strategies, and provide a means for measuring and communicating resilience progress across the region. This voluntary survey was open from July to September 2021.

Twenty-seven local and tribal governments, 23% of the total in the region, responded to the survey. While the results demonstrated positive progress toward both the mitigation and adaptation priorities outlined among survey respondents, there is still significant work to be done across various priorities—as well as the work to ensure equity is at the center of climate change action. 

The survey results have been aggregated with data available at the regional scale, as well as by county and individual government responses. You can find the full set of data available on the Compact’s website. In an effort to streamline the survey and engage a greater percentage of local and tribal governments in the annual survey response, the Compact plans to decrease the number of survey questions for the next open response period beginning in June 2022.