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County: Palm Beach

Population: 10,867

In 2014 and 2016, the Compact conducted basic surveys of RCAP implementation in which municipalities indicated which recommendations they had completed. The implementation data shown below was self-reported by municipalities for RCAP 1.0 recommendation.

Recommendations Completed By Lantana

Energy and Fuel

EF-01 Promote renewables policies and technology Read More

Natural Systems

NS-06 Assess invasive species impacts Read More
NS-07 Promote coastal natural systems Read More
NS-14 Promote urban tree canopy Read More

Public Policy Advocacy

PP-01 Support climate-conscious government action Read More

Risk Reduction and Emergency Management

RR-08 Promote climate adaptation plans across sectors Read More

Sustainable Communities and Transportation

ST-01 Incorporate projections into plans Read More
ST-06 Develop localized adaptation strategies Read More


WS-04 Coordinate saltwater intrusion mapping Read More

Completed Recommendations (Now Defunct)

No Results