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County: Broward

Population: 96,830


Climate Assessment Tool Responses


Davie Survey Response

Town of Davie_Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge

Town of Davie_Floodplain Management Ordinance

Town of Davie_Land Development Code

Town of Davie_Neighborhood Service Center

Town of Davie_Stormwater Master Plan of the Transit Oriented Corridor

In 2014 and 2016, the Compact conducted basic surveys of RCAP implementation in which municipalities indicated which recommendations they had completed. The implementation data shown below was self-reported by municipalities for RCAP 1.0 recommendation.

Recommendations Completed By Davie


AG-01 Preserve economic viability Read More
AG-02 Meet water needs Read More
AG-03 Promote local goods Read More
AG-04 Research climate-related needs Read More
AG-06 Manage land responsibly Read More
AG-08 Enable urban agriculture Read More

Energy and Fuel

EF-01 Promote renewables policies and technology Read More
EF-02 Advance energy efficiency and conservation Read More
EF-07 Help homeowners invest in renewables Read More
EF-09 Enable new energy systems Read More

Natural Systems

NS-02 Promote government conservation land acquisition Read More
NS-05 Form species dispersal and conservation group Read More
NS-06 Assess invasive species impacts Read More
NS-14 Promote urban tree canopy Read More

Risk Reduction and Emergency Management

RR-06 Prioritize transportation adaptation investments Read More
RR-08 Promote climate adaptation plans across sectors Read More

Sustainable Communities and Transportation

ST-01 Incorporate projections into plans Read More
ST-04 Designate adaptation action areas Read More
ST-06 Develop localized adaptation strategies Read More
ST-07 Incorporate risk-reduction strategies into planning Read More
ST-10 Shape development through transportation planning Read More
ST-11 Modify local land use plans Read More
ST-12 Design sustainable and equitable transportation systems Read More
ST-13 Utilize unused or underutilized properties Read More
ST-17 Increase resilience through investments Read More
ST-18 Increase the use of transit Read More


WS-03 Plan for future water supply Read More
WS-08 Create resilient flood control systems Read More
WS-13 Practice integrated water management Read More
WS-16 Expand partnerships and resources for innovation Read More
WS-20 Support the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan Read More
WS-21 Expand surface water storage Read More

Completed Recommendations (Now Defunct)

No Results