Climate Indicators
High Tide Flooding

Climate Indicators – High Tide Flooding

Observed and Projected High Tide Flooding

Over the last five to ten years in the Compact region,  we have observed regular occurrences of flooding during king tide events. It is expected that these flood events will increase into the future due to accelerating sea level rise.The charts show the observed and projected number of flooding days by county from 1990 to 2040. Note that the scenarios within charts (i.e. “intermediate-low”, “intermediate”, “intermediate-high,” etc.) correspond to the sea level rise projection curves for Southeast Florida.Typically high tide flooding occurs when the tides exceed the mean high high water (essentially the average high tides), by a certain amount depending on the typography of the specific location. NOAA has published the flood thresholds that are used to define a flood event for each of the locations in the Flooding Days charts.

Source: Data adapted from the NOAA Climate Explorer, 2020

Observed and Projected Flooding Days, Miami-Dade County, 1990 – 2040

Observed and Projected Flooding Days, Monroe County, 1990 – 2040


This collection of climate indicators was created with significant contributions from the following entities and staff from the Compact counties.