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Florida Climate Institute

In September 2014, the Compact and the Florida Climate Institute (FCI) signed a Partnership Agreement to support climate research and planning of particular relevance to Southeast Florida. FCI is a multi-disciplinary network of national and international research and public organizations, scientists, and individuals concerned with achieving a better understanding of climate variability and change. The goals of the partnership are to seek better alignment between public sector information needs and ongoing university research, and to improve coordination between the Compact and FCI universities in pursuing competitive research funding opportunities. Achieving these goals will ensure that the Compact and FCI are well-positioned for competitive grant opportunities and are effectively advancing Florida’s environmental, social, and economic sustainability through applied research and planning collaborations. 

Regional Economic Resilience Collaboration

At the 9th Annual Climate Leadership Summit in December 2017, the economic development community of Southeast Florida and the mayors of the four Compact counties indicated their intent to work collaboratively in forging greater public-private partnerships across the region by signing a Joint Statement on Collaboration for Regional Economic Resilience. Through increased collaboration and sustained engagement, the partnership will bolster efforts to build resilience within Southeast Florida’s communities, shared infrastructure, built environment, economy, and natural systems.

The economic development community, Compact mayors, and Compact partners agree to collaborate on:

  • Expanding business education on community and economic resilience.
  • Identifying and advocating for the state and federal investments needed for regional resilience in Southeast Florida.
  • Encouraging the broader participation of municipal and local business partners to engage in this effort.
  • Communicating that Southeast Florida is leading the way in taking proactive, responsible, and informed measures, serving as a pioneer and model for resilience.


Broward Workshop

Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches

Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance

Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

Treasure Coast Regional Planning Councils


Municipal Partners

The following is a list of municipalities that have signed onto the Mayors’ Climate Action Pledge in support of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact and the Regional Climate Action Plan.

To join the Mayor’s Climate Action Pledge, please contact Lauren Ordway at [email protected]

Bay Harbor Islands
Adopted 2013

Boca Raton
Adopted 5/23/2017

Boynton Beach
Adopted 12/4/2012

Coconut Creek
Adopted 2/28/2013

Coral Gables
Adopted 8/25/2015

Dania Beach
Adopted 1/22/2013

Adopted 2/6/2013

Deerfield Beach
Adopted 3/19/2013

Delray Beach
Adopted 1/21/2014

Fort Lauderdale
Adopted 11/6/2012

Hallandale Beach
Adopted 2/6/2013

Adopted 12/11/2015

Highland Beach
Adopted 6/6/2017

Hillsboro Beach
Adopted 12/5/2012

Adopted 1/23/2013

Adopted 9/25/2016

Adopted 12/15/2015

Key Biscayne
Adopted 11/12/2015

Key West
Adopted 12/4/2012

Adopted 2/26/2013

Adopted 1/28/2013

Adopted 3/20/2013

Adopted 4/11/2017

Miami Beach
Adopted 2/6/2013

Miami Shores
Adopted 10/3/2016

North Lauderdale
Adopted 3/12/2013

North Miami
Adopted 6/27/2017

Oakland Park
Adopted 2/20/2013

Adopted 12/11/2012

Pompano Beach
Adopted 2/12/2013

South Miami
Adopted 9/3/2013

Adopted 3/26/2013

Adopted 5/15/2013

West Palm Beach
Adopted 5/26/2015

Wilton Manors
Adopted 3/12/2013