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5 Apr

Wheeler delivers adaptation money to Miami. Is it enough?

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler recently closed a nearly $100 million low-interest loan to the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department. The loan, part of the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program, aims to help the utility end wastewater discharges into the ocean, boost its peak capacity and make the system more resilient. A state mandate […]

1 Mar

How Coastal Cities Confronting Climate Change Are Mitigating The Risks

Listen to the full interview here. Boston NPR Here & Now’s Eric Westervelt spoke with the Susy Torriente, chief resilience officer and assistant city Manager for the city of Miami Beach, as well as a valued Compact member. A new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates more than 300,000 coastal homes in the […]

28 Jan

In Florida, a new Governor shifts gears on environment, and maybe on climate change

Governor Ron DeSantis’s first directives address sea level rise and the importance of science in environmental policy. Without an appointment to the position of chief science officer, it is unclear how these early initiatives will be carried out. Local governments are looking to the administration for support in adaptation efforts that cities and counties have […]

25 Jan

The Compact Releases 10-Year Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The Compact just completed a regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory. The new data will be used to inform the Compact’s climate change mitigation activity and monitor the region’s progress. A foundational tenant of the Compact is Broward, Miami Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties’ collective commitment to reduce regional emissions.The inventory reviews 10 years of […]

24 Jan

Miami-Dade County Plans for Septic System Resilience

Miami-Dade County is addressing its sea level rise vulnerability from the ground up. Areas across the county, beyond just the coast, are vulnerable to rising sea and groundwater levels. Onsite septic systems used to handle wastewater located in low-lying areas face particular challenges, as septic system drainfields must be above the groundwater table and remain […]

23 Jan

Broward County Advances Flooding Resilience Standards

As part of its multi-year strategy to address flood risk resulting from sea level rise and more intense rainfall, Broward County is advancing new resiliency standards for project licensing & design of seawalls and top-of-bank elevation. The proposed standard requires a minimum elevation of four feet NAVD88 by 2035 and five feet NAVD88 by 2050 […]

17 Jan

Can she keep Miami Beach above the rising sea?

Susy Torriente, one of the Compact’s exceptional and dedicated partners, is featured in this OZY article on her work as a first responder to climate change. As assistant city manager and chief resiliency officer for the City of Miami Beach, Susy is leading a multiyear plan that will help the city withstand rising seas and […]

16 Jan

As Polar Ice Melts, So Should Polarization

Climate change has become a nonpartisan, localized issue. Chief Resilience Officer for Broward County Jennifer Jurado said, “This issue is larger than any of us individually.” The Compact was lifted up as a model that has helped set both the policy and tone for much of the adaptation work for Southeast Florida. With other nonpartisan […]

5 Dec

What Venice Can Teach American Cities

Venice, Italy has been flooding for decades. Over the past 20 years, Venice has quietly transformed itself and its surrounding lagoon into a laboratory. Technology and ecology projects still in the planning stages in the United States have been successfully realized here. American coastal cities have a lot to learn from them. This articles cites […]

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