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New Report: Regional Collaboratives for Climate Change—A State of the Art

A new report, Regional Collaboratives for Climate Change—A State of the Art, was released last month by the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC). Since 2009, ISC has served as the backbone organization for the Compact, providing administrative, technical, and implementation support for the Compact’s activities. The publication is part of an ongoing series of reports produced by ISC to advance the state of knowledge and practice regarding the utility of Regional Climate Collaboratives—of which the Compact is one—as powerful nodes within established international and national networks advancing subnational climate action.

This report is the result of an extensive literature review and survey of 90 practitioners representing 15 Regional Climate Collaboratives (RCCs), detailing how RCCs operate, their impacts in a regional capacity, key successes thus far, as well as barriers and gaps in capacity. After careful analysis, the report also establishes a framework for classification of RCC activity. Download the report here.

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