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Indicator: Sea Level Rise

Observed Sea Level Rise

Based on the limited number of NOAA tide gauges within the Southeast Florida region, and  varying records of observation from those gauges, the observed sea level is rising in the range of 9-13 inches per century, with a systematic increasing trend of sea level rise across the Compact region.
Miami-Dade County, Observed Sea Level Rise
Monroe County, Observed Sea Level Rise
Palm Beach County, Observed Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise Projection

The Compact’s regionally unified sea level rise projection for Southeast Florida (updated in 2019), indicates that in the short term, sea level rise is projected to be 10 to 17 inches by 2040 and 21 to 54 inches by 2070 (above the 2000 mean sea level in Key West, Florida). In the long term, sea level rise is projected to be 40 to 136 inches by 2120. Projected sea level rise, especially beyond 2070, has a significant range of variation as a result of uncertainty in future greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts and resulting geophysical effects.


This collection of climate indicators was created with significant contributions from the following entities and staff from the Compact counties.