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These resources offer local case studies, example policy, data tools, and other guides to support equitable climate policies, programs, and decision-making processes that consider local socioeconomic and racial inequities.

EQ-01 Engage with high-vulnerability populations

Workshop: Enhancing the Resilience of Seniors in Your Community; Antioch University New England; 2017

Report: The Community Engagement Guide for Sustainable Communities; PolicyLink; 2012

Report: Mapping Our Future: A Work Plan for Public Engagement & Equity in Climate Adaptation Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area; Bay Localize; 2013

Report: A Guide to Equitable, Community Driven Climate Preparedness Planning; USDN; 2017

Report: Youth Perspectives on Climate Change Best Practices for Youth Engagement and Addressing Health Impacts of Climate Change; EPA; 2018

National Resource Guide: Engaging the Public; Institute for Local Government; ongoing

EQ-02 Integrate social vulnerability data

Analytical Tool: National Equity Atlas; PERE and PolicyLink; ongoing

Analytical Tool: EJSCREEN: Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool; EPA; ongoing

Local Study: Health and Sea Level Rise: Impacts on South Florida; Florida Institute for Health Innovation; 2016

Local Study: Regional Climate Action Plan Health Impact Assessment; Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact; 2014

Local Study: An Equity Profile of the Southeast Florida Region; PERE and PolicyLink; 2014

Analytical Tool: City Health Dashboard; NYU Langone Health; 2019

National Resource Guide: TDAT - Tribal Directory Assessment Tool; HUD; ongoing

Local Study: Climate-Sensitive Hazards in Florida: Identifying and Prioritizing Threats to Build Resilience Against Climate Effects; Florida Institute of Health; 2014

Report: The Future of Equity in Cities; National League of Cities; 2017

Report: Action Toolkit - In the Eye of the Storm: A People's Guide to Transforming Crisis & Advancing Equity in the Disaster Continuum; NAACP; 2018

EQ-03 Support equitable public infrastructure

Report: Strategies for Addressing Equity in Infrastructure and Public Works; PolicyLink; 2017

Brief: Embracing the Challenge of Climate Education and Engagement; Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; 2019

Report: Investing in Equitable Urban Park Systems; City Parks Alliance; 2020

EQ-04 Engage leaders in high-vulnerability populations

Workshop: South Florida Climate Change Equity Solutions Summit; The Center for American Progress, Catalyst Miami, and The CLEO Institute; 2017

Local Study: The CLEAR Toolkit; Catalyst Miami; 2017

EQ-05 Connect with communities through local leaders

Brief: How to Partner with Local Community Organizations; Grassroots Grantmakers; no date

EQ-06 Partner with intermediary organizations

Report: Mapping Our Future: A Work Plan for Public Engagement & Equity in Climate Adaptation Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area; Bay Localize; 2013

National Resource Guide:  Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege; USC; 2019

EQ-07 Train government staff on equity

Workshop: City of Portland Multnomah County 2015 Climate Action Plan Update: Integration of Equity Both in Process and Product; City of Portland; 2015

Report: A Guide to Equitable, Community Driven Climate Preparedness; USDN; 2017

Report: SA Climate Ready: A Pathway for Climate Action & Adaptation; City of San Antonio; 2019

Report: The Climate Gap: Inequalities in How Climate Change Hurts Americans & How to Close the Gap; USC; 2009

Report: Understanding Climate Change: An Equitable Framework; PolicyLink; 2018

Organization:  Government Alliance on Racial Equity Tools & Resources