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Collaborate on the collection and use of transportation-related data with an emphasis on enhancing currently available data or filling data gaps (e.g., on walking and biking trips). Collaborate on performance metrics for transportation facilities and services that are multimodal, address the linkage between transportation and land use, and reflect intergovernmental and interagency coordination.

Research how travel behaviors are influenced by development patterns, emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, enhanced multimodal infrastructure and services, and other factors.

Explore and enhance the capabilities of the region’s activity-based travel demand forecast model for long-range transportation planning and other purposes (e.g., to simulate trip making and mode choices, test policy alternatives and scenarios, and project greenhouse gas emissions).

Identify and build capacity in the use of additional tools for assessing travel demand from a multimodal perspective, including ones used in conjunction with local government reviews of proposed land use changes and development or redevelopment projects.

Municipalities That Have Completed This Recommendation