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Include transportation demand management (TDM) strategies in local government and agency plans, and provide support for existing transportation management initiatives and transportation management associations.

Work with municipal planning organizations, South Florida Commuter Services, South Florida Vanpool, transportation network companies, and others to identify and pursue opportunities to increase use of carpools and vanpools, maximize use of available parking, and promote working remotely and/or telecommuting.

Work with companies and strategic partners (e.g., universities, municipalities, and large employers) to establish or expand car, bike, and personal vehicle sharing programs.

Encourage the use of employee benefits that support walking, biking, and transit modes for work commutes (e.g., pre-tax benefits and emergency ride home programs).

Promote participation in programs encouraging non-single-occupant vehicle (SOV) work commutes (e.g., the South Florida Commuter Challenge) and encouraging local governments to explore the adoption of commute trip reduction ordinances.