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Compact Coordination

GOAL: Strengthen coordination and collaboration in Southeast Florida on climate change issues by building the capacity of the Compact to meet evolving regional needs.

The Compact’s experience in Southeast Florida since 2009 has shown the power of regional coordination and collaboration in advancing climate change action. The Compact serves as a vehicle that enables municipalities, counties, regional agencies, and other key actors to take coordinated action at the regional scale, producing a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In implementing the first Regional Climate Action Plan (2012-2017), the Compact learned how to coordinate actions regionally in ways that bolster the important efforts of county government and individual municipalities. Regional agencies, county governments, and municipal governments are the entities that do the hard work of implementing the RCAP recommendations. The Compact’s regional role is to develop regionally consistent science and planning assumptions for local use; create resources to build the capacity of local governments to best implement climate action; identify and address issues that require coordination across individual jurisdictions; and coordinate consistent communications to state and federal government, the general public, and audiences outside of Southeast Florida.

In developing RCAP 2.0, the Compact partners recognized the need to highlight the regional coordination priorities for the duration of RCAP 2.0. These recommendations articulate parts of the Compact’s agenda through 2022, focusing on the key functions of the Compact outlined in its formative agreement among the four counties.

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Establish and implement a regional communications strategy among business, government, and community leadership.
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Update regional unified sea level rise projections.
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Explore opportunities to better coordinate cross-agency and cross-jurisdiction reviews of major infrastructure projects.
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Continue to provide high quality implementation support and resources for jurisdictions seeking to implement RCAP recommendations and other sustainability and resilience measures.
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Develop and track regional indicators of climate change impacts, emission reduction, and adaptation action.
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Create a Compact advisory group composed of organizations that represent the region’s climate work, equitable community development, and vulnerable populations in order to track and share best practices on equitable climate action with the region.
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