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10 Dec

New projections show that South Florida is in for even more sea level rise

By Alex Harris The timeline for South Florida to prepare for sea level rise just sped up a little. New projections show the region is in for higher seas, faster. The latest predictions aren’t catastrophically different than previous years — unless your yard is already flooding a couple of times a year from the steadily […]

27 Aug


Climate change czars coming to more states

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 26 (UPI) — At least six states named climate change czars or chief executives over the past year, signalling a new level of concern in the United States. The new positions are appearing mostly in states controlled by Democrats. But Florida and North Carolina, both considered red or purple states, named chief resilience […]

17 Jun


Climate change, South Florida sea level rise preparation could cost SFWMD $1 billion

A new,  10-year program to prepare for sea level rise could cost the South Florida Water Management District more than $1 billion, according to estimates of the project. The three-step program could begin next year and would be the most expensive program dues to its construction. With plans well under way, the district will hire […]

1 May


Monroe County Advances Road Elevation Project

This year, Monroe County has taken steps to adapt the county road systems to projected sea level rise and increased frequency of king tide flooding. In accordance with the Regional Climate Action Plan’s recommendation to prioritize adaptation investments to reduce the impact of flooding and sea level rise on transportation infrastructure, particularly on evacuation routes […]

30 Apr


Miami Beach Improves its Community Rating System Score and Increases Insurance Savings

Through policy leadership and collaboration across multiple city departments, the City of Miami Beach has successfully improved its Community Rating System (CRS) score from Class 6 to Class 5, which will increase flood insurance premiums savings from 20 to 25% citywide effective May 1, 2019. The CRS is a voluntary program under the Federal Emergency […]

30 Apr


The Climate Compact Visits Tallahassee

In early February, a group of senior city and county staff from Compact partners met with Florida legislative and executive branch leaders in Tallahassee. The primary focus of the outreach was to increase state investment of time and resources in climate resilience activity. The main event was a resiliency briefing for legislators arranged by Rep. […]

5 Apr

Wheeler delivers adaptation money to Miami. Is it enough?

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler recently closed a nearly $100 million low-interest loan to the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department. The loan, part of the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program, aims to help the utility end wastewater discharges into the ocean, boost its peak capacity and make the system more resilient. A state mandate […]

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