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We pride ourselves in promoting the Green Action Plan initiative and are setting the standard for other municipalities to follow.
Yocelyn Galiano-Gomez, Village Manager

The Village of Pinecrest Green Action Plan is an initiative to promote and implement green practices throughout the village. The village has implemented several programs that provide guidelines for environmental sustainability, including the street tree program, the adopt-a-tree program, the program to bring pine trees back to Pinecrest, landscape code changes for new developments, requirements that municipal buildings be constructed with environmentally friendly construction, and a sustainable building program that provides incentives and rebates to new developments that implement green construction practices. These are just a few of the specific areas that have been implemented. The Green Action Plan touches all activities undertaken by the village, from employee retention to recycling programs to vehicular usage to parks maintenance.

Implementation Process

The Green Action Plan and the Strategic Plan of the village were developed through the vision of the council and the leadership, the management and administration of village ordinances, and the personnel policy and procedures by the village manager. In 2010, the Green Action/Strategic Plan was developed with sufficient detail that provided a road map for the village administration and had objectives that were to be implemented by 2014. Some of the most challenging areas included the modification of employee habits to ensure that recycling programs were being administered, energy consumption best practices were being implemented, and that specific job retention activities were taking place. In addition, educational outreach to village residents played a key part in promoting and further developing the Adopt-A-Tree program. And lastly, public outreach to the development community to ensure that new environmental regulations and tree policies were being implemented as part of future project proposals. With the refocus of green efforts in 2010, the Village of Pinecrest has been able to implement their vision and sustain the Green Action Plan practices throughout the years with the intention of continued implementation and change as necessary to meet the plan’s goals and objectives.

Implementation Timeline

The Green Action Plan initiative is an on-going practice that the Village of Pinecrest has established. The goals and objectives for this program are to continue to implement and modify practices to the have the highest level of environmentally friendly development for village residents and visitors to enjoy. When the village was incorporated in 1996, one of the key objectives was to enhance local quality of life by implementing green practices. In 2002, the village passed several environmental regulation ordinances pertaining to landscape regulations and tree preservation and protection regulations to provide strict guidelines for tree removal and replacement to ensure no loss of tree canopy coverage by requiring continual increases in tree canopy.

On January 12, 2010, the Village of Pinecrest Council adopted Resolution 2010-01, directing the village manager to develop a Green Action Plan, which took steps to expand the village’s sustainability efforts. By way of this resolution, a Strategic Plan was also developed to implement the Green Action Plan and set goals and objectives to be accomplished by 2014. In 2012 and again in 2014, additional modifications were made to the environmental regulation ordinance to create stricter guidelines and requirements.

Implementation Funding

The program is funded through a combination of sources. Private investment takes care of the program for private development activities. For village-wide tree implementation projects, a combination of general fund dollars (ad-valorem tax funds collected), tree permit fees, and collected penalty fees are used for tree installations. For village municipal building projects, a combination of general fund dollars (ad-valorem tax funds collected) and/or capital improvement funds collected via a special obligation bond as approved by the village council. Day-to-day activities that follow the green initiatives are funded through the general fund.

Community Benefits

All of the implemented Green Action Plan practices promote and enhance the quality of life of the community by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water consumption, reducing electrical consumption, reducing solid waste disposal, and reducing fuel consumption.

The Facts

Quick Facts & Statistics

  • Since incorporation in 1996, the Village of Pinecrest has purchased and installed over 150 right-of-way trees per year with the on-going Street Tree and Adopt-A-Tree Programs.
  • The Village of Pinecrest has received the “Tree City USA” designation annually since 2008.
  • The Village of Pinecrest offers free electric vehicle rapid recharge stations at locations throughout the Village.