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This has been a popular program that not only helps provide interest free loans to homeowners who may not have otherwise qualified for installation of energy efficient appliances, but also provides energy savings from those new appliances paid for by the loans and continues to save them money afterwards.
Mayor Richard J. Kaplan

The City of Lauderhill initially received an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant that was used to capitalize the city’s revolving loan fund in order to provide interest-free loans up to $2,000 for Lauderhill residents to purchase Energy Star rated appliances and energy efficient air conditioners. Since that time, the mayor has acknowledged the success and need to continue offering residents loan funds and increased the loan amount and added other appliances as they gained Energy Star ratings.

Implementation Process

The city’s mayor, Richard J. Kaplan, envisioned the need to provide interest-free loans, especially in a time when other energy incentives were taking place in the state of Florida. He was able to capitalize on additional cost savings for the city’s residents. Upon discussion and city commission approval, the city’s grant manager prepared the necessary loan packaging documentation for approval, then prepared grant documents for submission to the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, allowing the city to enter into agreement with the Department of Energy to initially capitalize the city’s Energy Star Revolving Loan Fund.

Implementation Timeline

Once the mayor and commissioners approved the idea of the revolving loan fund, it was implemented in January 2010, shortly after receipt of grant funds in October 2009. Within four months, 32 residents had applied for loan funding for various Energy Star appliances and central air-conditioning units.

Implementation Funding

The initiative continues to re-lend loan funds as they are repaid. Loan terms range from six months to thirty-six months, and there are sufficient funds available for lending.

Community Benefits

The city used the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Reporting Benefit Calculator for energy efficiency projections and inputted appliances that loan applicants have purchased. A total of 19 refrigerators, three freezers, seven washing machines, five dish washers, and 10 central air conditioners have resulted in energy savings of 14.377 MWH and reductions of 8.623 metric tons of greenhouse gas and 0.046 metric tons of other pollutants in one year.

The Facts

Quick Facts & Statistics

  • To date, the City has loaned and re-loaned $53,569 to over 32 residents and the most significant news is not one loan has defaulted in the entire five-year period the loan has been in existence.