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Regional Climate Action Plan public comment survey

Five years ago, members of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact’s Staff Steering Committee and a variety of stakeholders from federal, state, and county governments, nonprofits, and the private sector came together to create and publish the Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP).

The RCAP has served as a critical tool to ensure that municipalities and counties in Southeast Florida are pulling in one direction and speaking with one voice when addressing climate change impacts on the region. The RCAP will be updated throughout 2017 through an intensive public process, and through May 19 we are seeking your input and feedback on the first draft. We need your help to ensure that the plan is modified in ways relevant and valuable to all communities in the region.

The Compact is focused on integrating equity into all chapters of the RCAP 2.0. The Compact shares the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership’s definition of equity, as outlined in Seven50: SE Florida Prosperity Plan:

Equity: Just and fair inclusion. The goals of equity must be to create conditions that allow all individuals and communities to reach their full potential to the benefit of the individual and the larger regional community. An equitable region is one in which all can participate and prosper in their communities and in the regional economy, and where benefits and burdens are shared fairly.

The Compact is committed to working with community leaders that represent vulnerable or underrepresented populations in Southeast Florida to create an inclusive Regional Climate Action Plan. If your organization represents the interests of low-income, elderly, immigrant, non-English speaking individuals or minority communities and you’d like to be involved in the RCAP review process, please contact us

Stay up-to-date on the RCAP’s progress by following the full timeline for the RCAP 2.0 revision process here.

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