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What is the RCAP?

The Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP) is the Compact’s guiding tool for coordinated climate action in Southeast Florida to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build climate resilience. The RCAP provides a set of recommendations, guidelines for implementation, and shared best practices for local entities to act in-line with the regional agenda.


The first RCAP was published by the Compact in 2012 after a two-year planning process. It was designed with a five-year horizon and with the intent to update the document every five years. RCAP 2.0 reflects the lessons learned and actions taken in the first five years of implementation. It was developed throughout 2017 and launched in December of 2017. The Compact developed RCAP 2.0 with the help of local government staff, key stakeholders and partners, and members of the general public.


The RCAP is meant to serve as a tool for municipal and county local governments, agencies, regional councils, regional resource management districts, and other local planners and practitioners. The plan identifies vulnerabilities, prioritized actions, and integrated policy initiatives to create a clear–though challenging–path forward for the region. The RCAP includes a broad set of best practices to guide implementation of emission reduction and resilience-building actions that each jurisdiction can implement. The RCAP is a framework for concerted regional action rather than a set of directives for specific projects or programs at the local level, recognizing that decisions on the timing and approach are best determined by each local government. 

RCAP 2.0 is an easy-to-use online tool that allows various stakeholders to build customizable implementation plans based on who they are—a local government staffer, the director of a utility, or a community member—and their priorities. Create a customizable implementation plan now!

Mayors’ Climate Action Pledge

In order to encourage and support action by cities, the Compact published the Mayors’ Climate Action Pledge in 2013 as a mechanism for municipalities to formally support the Compact and the RCAP.  See a list of municipalities that have signed onto the Mayors’ Climate Action Pledge.

Learn more on how to get started with the RCAP!