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SEFL Climate Action Pledge

The Compact invites all local and tribal governments in the four-county region to affirm commitment to jointly advancing strategic climate adaptation and mitigation efforts and advancing the implementation of the Regional Climate Action Plan through adopting the Southeast Florida Climate Action Pledge.

The Climate Action Pledge was first developed in 2012 after the release of the first RCAP document, in recognition of the significant climate leadership demonstrated by local and tribal governments and the central role that municipal and tribal government partners play in advancing toward a more resilient region. More than a third of local and tribal governments joined the four counties in adopting the 2012 Pledge. 

A decade later, the Compact has updated the Climate Action Pledge to align with the RCAP 3.0 update and to reaffirm our shared commitment to a regionally collaborative approach to achieving climate adaptation and mitigation objectives. 

Following adoption by your government, please contact Lauren Evans ([email protected]) or Russell Paez ([email protected]) to ensure your community’s participation is recorded.

Municipal Partners

The following is a list of municipalities that have signed onto the Climate Action Pledge:

Cooper City

Pompano Beach

City of Plantation
Adopted May 16, 2023

City of Fort Lauderdale
Adopted June, 2023